[linux-audio-user] Similar apps on linux??

Brian Redfern bredfern at calarts.edu
Tue Mar 25 04:33:01 EST 2003

Cinelerra works well now and is really nice for multi-tracking, Ardour is
good, too, and has jack support so you can record the output of other
jack programs onto ardour audio tracks.


On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Julien Patrick Claassen wrote:

> Hello!
>   There are kind of similar apps. There is ardour the multitrack
> hardidsik-recording software. This is pretty mature I'd say, although there's
> still something to be done. Then there is muse. I thyink this is mostly for
> midi-recording, but there are audio-facilities too. I think, that in the field
> of software samplers,m there is not much. As I'm not a user of a GUI I can't
> tell you anything about it. Only this, one project is on the way. But I
> haven't checked the status lately. It's the linux-sampler project. If you're
> looking for a GOOD and neat collection of sound-apps under linux visit:
>   http://linux-sound.org
>   There you'll find nearly all existing apps, organised in categories. Have a
> lot of fun!!!
>   Kindest regards
>         Julien
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