[linux-audio-user] LinuxUser expo - anyone attending on 16th?

John Warburton john at johnwarburton.net
Tue Mar 25 14:54:00 EST 2003


I've come to this rather late: use Linux extensively as the do-all, be-all
tool in the suites of the television production company I work for. The
quality of the audio tools is verifiable, which gives me confidence in
preparing soundtracks and, increasingly, laid-off sets of video frames in
Film-Gimp or whatever it's called now. Used Linux live on-air for the
Channel 5 show "The Vicious Circle" for twelve weeks, providing a
continuous backing track and pitch-shifting via the 'sox' tool. This was
on an old HP box that cost us about six peanuts from a surplus vendor.

Is there likely to be a meet at Birmingham? I shall drive south from
Cheshire, not very far.


On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, iriXx wrote:
> i remember us mentioning the LinuxUser expo a couple of weeks ago...
> just wondering if anyone will be travelling up from London on the 16th?
> or if people would like to meet up at some stage on the day...

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