[linux-audio-user] advice hardware + planet ccrma

Brian Redfern bredfern at calarts.edu
Wed Mar 26 13:16:01 EST 2003

Well, you don't really need to run planet (or even a gui at all), you
could put debian in and then just apt-get install the icecast server, you
don't actually need a sound card for the server, only the client needs a
sound card.


On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Jane DT wrote:

> Hello,
> We are in need of some advice about (i) whether our existing hardware is
> suitable for installing planet, mainly for streaming purposes. (ii)
> recommendation of a cheap soundcard. any advice would be very gratefully
> received.
> We are running a community show on a local radio in an open space right
> now, and are broadcasting on FM, via the stream. mp3/ogg. The stream is
> 64k. That is really the entire purpose of a machine we are thinking about
> installing here. There is a machine that we can dedicate than this: it
> would have no other purpose really.
> We would like to install ccrma, but have the following system, and wonder
> if it can cope, and whether ccrma is capable of dealing with it:
> it is a double processor: 2x133, 64mb. can this cope with live 64k
> encoding? and can the RH planet ccmra cope with the double processor?
> We are a volunteer grassroots project and have a very little budget (our
> equipmednt is donated, hence the system above). Could someone advise on a
> sound card for under $50? (either for this machine or another)
> thanks very much for any help!
> please could you mail me directly as well as the list (its very hectic
> here as we're on this every day at he moment). 
> jane

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