[linux-audio-user] Raid setup (kinda OT)

Bryan Koschmann - GKT gktnews at gktech.net
Wed Mar 26 17:23:01 EST 2003


Thank you very much for that insight. I had never realized that it could
cause longer latency. The machine I setup for a client was SCSI raid, so
maybe that makes a difference as well. Of course, the other client that I
did a special RAID for was doing video work, and they almost required a
RAID. Maybe for my purposes simply have 2 drives, one for operating system
other strictly for recording, would be better?

In the end I will only be doing 4 different inputs max, so maybe I am
overdoing it a bit.

On a side note, is there any way I could get you to give me a bit more
info about how you went about setting up your RAID(s)? Offlist is fine if
it will be too offtopic. Don't worry about it if you don't want to.



On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, Mark Knecht wrote:

|   Actually, it's an interesting issue. I've looked just a little bit at
|this. I think it depends a lot on how you do it. RAID *can* improve raw
|throughput, but it *almost* *always* has longer latency, or at least the
|one's that I've set up. It has seemed that in audio work latency makes at
|least as big a difference as throughput, maybe more, and RAID didn't work
|well for me.
|   Keep in mind that a 24-bit, 44.1KHz signal is only using a bit over
|120KB/S, and my current EIDE hard drive under Linux is providing nearly
|45MB/S, implying the ability to supply more than 200 stereo channels.
|(Assuming no seek issues, etc., which will happen.)
|   However, I agree that if you have a good RAID controller that can do
|speculative look-ahead operations and has lots of caching on board the
|controller, it seems like it should help.
|   Personally, I get 32 channels today from a single 1394 hard drive which
|suits my purposes very well. I haven't had the need to push further, but do
|this it would be interesting to try.
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|> Hello,
|> While I know this is specfically an audio group, I'm thinking this is
|> still related, but I apologize if it is too far off topic.
|> I was wondering if anyone here has setup an IDE raid, either via hardware
|> or software. I ask because I know it usually would speed up disk access
|> which is good for realtime audio work (I had to work on a scsi system with
|> a layla for a customer of mine). I was looking at doing a striped raid
|> with 2 80 gigs (or maybe 2 120s).
|> I tried to setup a striping (then later a mirror) on my other machine
|> running slack 8.0 but had absolutely no luck whatsoever. Neither the
|> hardware on my motherboard (HPT370 on abit VP6) or just a simple software
|> raid worked. I will probably be using the same board for audio recording
|> unless someone has a better suggestion (looking at asus).
|> So, if anyone can give me any recommendations or hints/tips I would be
|> quite happy. :)
|> Thanks in advance,
|> 	Bryan

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