[linux-audio-user] Multiple soundcards

Bryan Koschmann - GKT gktnews at gktech.net
Wed Mar 26 17:45:01 EST 2003


I'm looking at (for now) utilizing the SB 128PCI's I have laying around
and doing 3 of those for input and 1 SB Live Value for midi and output.
Any recommendations against that, or thoughts that an SB 16 PCI would be
better? I have access to a few of those as well.

As I said in my posts awhile back, I have 2 instrument mics, 1 vocal mic,
and a keyboard with midi. The mics are all XLR with 1/4" (transformers?).
Will I be needing any preamps/mixer for these? If so any recommendations
for something with 3 mic preamps?

I apoligize for all the questions. I'm quite new to the audio world and
have only ever had real user experience with Soundforge on a win98 box :)
I'm looking forward to some hardcore stuff once I learn.



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