[linux-audio-user] Anything I can do about Hum?

Mel Steinberg saxofon at pacbell.net
Fri Mar 28 03:40:00 EST 2003

You might check out the area around the headshell on the turntable. 
 This has usually been a sore spot on my AR-XB Turntable.  Make sure 
it's snug.


Reid Vail wrote:

> Sorry if this has been asked before.....
> Can anything tell me what source is for humming during LP playing?  Is 
> it lack of grounding somewhere, or motor hum...just wondering....
> I have a pretty generic hardware config on the stereo side...no 
> high-end cabling connecting turn-table to receiver (not really 
> possible in this situation), etc.  Hadn't notice the hum before, 
> probably because the LPs were in such bad shape.  Now I have an LP in 
> good condition with quieter sections, but there's this background.
> Thanks in advance
> Reid

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