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kevin ernste kevinernste at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 00:21:00 EST 2003

> > Hi Mark,
> > Can I install Planet CCRMA on Mandrake 9.0? I
> can't get Red Hat to
> > install on this machine. It has been a problem
> since Red Hat 6.0 version
> > none of them will install.
> > 
> DISCLAIMER: i don't use neither redhat nor mandrake,
> so i can't give
> further comments, but here's a link to turnkey, a
> project in some ways
> simmilar to planet ccrma, but specific to mandrake:
> and here's thac's (?) collection of sound rpm's,
> also mandrake specific:
> http://rpm.nyvalls.se/sound9.0.html
> sigh... sometimes i envy those lucky people using
> standard distributions...
> a feeling that never last long, though, it
> disappears as soon as i actually
> try to use one of them... :-)

As the author of the first project (Turn-key Linux
Audio), I can tell you that I have been talking to
Fernando at PlanetCCRMA about a Mandrake "port", but
have not had time to do this just yet.  Planet is very
well maintained, easy to use, and very complete,
making it a great model for future work.

For now, I would recommend looking at Thac's growing
list of rpm's for 9.1 (his entire site can be accessed
with urpmi, an apt-get like tool on Mandrake), and/or
checking out the main Mandrake repositories, as I
understand the Mandrake folks did some rpm building of
there own for this release (jack, audacity, etc).

Thac's Mandrake 9.1 site can be accesssed with one
number different than the address listed above:


Turn-key itself will also be getting a major update in
the coming weeks, including the addition of scripts to
automate PlanetCCRMA installs in redhat (with kernel
tuning, runlevels, apps, etc), new stuff for Mandrake
9.1, as well as a new and improved core package of
utilities, examples, etc, the majority of which are
not distro or even *nix specific and have even been
used in OSX.



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