[linux-audio-user] // midisport1x1 - light is blinking, yet no midi in ...? //

delire delire at selectparks.net
Mon Mar 31 02:08:00 EST 2003


i'm trying to get my midisport1x1 running. i have had the 2x2 running fine [a friends]. the odd thing is the light comes on the 1x1 device, yet i don't get any midi input reaching my software.

also /var/log/syslog says the following:


Mar 31 04:16:39 dropWorld kernel: hub.c: new USB device 00:1f.2-1, assigned address 10

Mar 31 04:16:39 dropWorld kernel: usb.c: USB device 10 (vend/prod 0x763/0x1011) is not claimed by any active driver.

Mar 31 04:16:42 dropWorld usb.agent: ... no modules for USB product 763/1011/121


to install it i used the extracted windows driver on the install cd that came with the product using the method shown on this page:


i have looked at the ezusbmidi project, but i can't find any debian packages for the ezusb system, or even tarballs. should i try this cvs?


if so how do i point cvs to this.. what's the module name?


julian oliver


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