[linux-audio-user] Helpful info for ppl trying to install RH 8.0 (for CCRMA stuff) using Intel 845G chipset (this could be a valuable documentation for others)

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Mon Mar 31 09:07:00 EST 2003

> The issue at hand is that many of the newer machines with cheapo
> embedded video cards use Intel 845G chipset which is unsupported by RH
> 8.0's XFree 4.2.

I've just bought a P4 board with an 845 chipset, so thanks for the tip. 
They're on quite a few boards, not just cheap ones. 

Red Hat 9 is out today (Red Hat Network members only). It'll be interesting to 
see if the Red Hat policy of breaking binary compatibility more often from 
now on - with the freely downloadable distro at least - will affect its 
suitability for audio workstation use. It seems the base distro isn't going 
to be marketed as a product - it's just a technology testbed for the 
non-free-beer Enterprise line now.

There are bound to be other distros catching up with XFree 4.3 too. 


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