possible to check burned ISO image versus original file??? [WAS Re: [linux-audio-user] Planet CCRMA}

Alex Timmer mijn_troep at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 10:49:01 EST 2003

i had some *bad* install problems with a few distro installs and they
went away after i burned a new image. my cd's must be too cheap ;-)

what i have been wondering: my md5sum check of the ISO image before
burning is always okay (indicating a correct download). just the
burner sometimes does not burn it okay on the disk. is there a way to
verify the content of a burned cd versus the original ISO image

thanks, ALEX

 --- Nick <nicktsocanos at charter.net> wrote: > Yep, I tried Red Hat
8.0 too. When it gets to CD2, it starts to
> install,
> and at some arbitrary point, the machine just locks up. I tried
> everything, flashing the bios, removing IDE drives, changing BIOS
> settings. I wasted several days trying to install it. I tried
> everything
> I could think of. The same thing happens with 6 and 7 too.

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