[linux-audio-user] Audio file format

Atte André Jensen atte at wanadoo.nl
Mon Mar 31 16:31:01 EST 2003

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003 20:16:44 +0200
Robert Epprecht <epprecht at solnet.ch> wrote:

> I have found a CD with audio files and would like to know what format
> they are. (I know very little about different audio formats, sorry.)
> file 1.wav
> 1.wav: RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft ADPCM, mono
> 44100 Hz

Without claiming to be an expert at all, my guess would be that file is

> I thought WAVE was a format without compression? The duration of the
> files(when played by 'play') shows that this is not possible. So what
> is it?

Google with "Microsoft ADPCM" gave this hit:


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