[linux-audio-user] xruns: file system ext3 --> reiserfs?

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri May 2 05:54:00 EDT 2003

thanks everybody for the syntax :-)

one further question, regarding this:

Tarragon Allen wrote:

>With my own system, I have seperate partitions for /home, /tmp, /usr, /var, 
>/boot, and /, all previously in ext3. I changed fstab to mount these all as 
>ext2 instead, and converted my /home to reiserfs using the process above (or 
>close to). Ardour runs much nicer now.
what part of my file system benefits the most from running reiserfs? 
right now, i have everything on one partition, but if i were to break 
this up with seperate /home and / partitions, should they both be 
reiserfs? in short, is it the operating system that benefits from the 
reiserfs, or the directory where your sound files live? i haven't done 
any recording at all yet due to my bad xruns, so it would seem [thus 
far] that my root partition needs a faster file system. or would it be 
better to use a non-journalling system for the root partition [as you 
have above] and reiserfs for the /home partition where the sound gets 
streamed to and from?

also, would one use a similar proceedure to the one you have described 
to move the contents of a /home directory in the root partition to a 
seperate /home partition?

thx + best,

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