[linux-audio-user] newbie q: making a machine

Jonathan Segel jsegel at magneticmotorworks.com
Tue May 20 03:52:00 EDT 2003

i own RME hardware, so that's a plus!
i was thinking about building a new machine that would be dedicated 
to being an audio maker. the mac running ydl is a 9600, but it has a 
digi AMiii card which i'm sure is useless to anything else but digi. 
(got the machine to run os x w/ digi's coreaudio though...)
and yes, i'm a professional musician. i've been tryign to sneak 
max/msp and supercollider into the pop world for a while now. and now 
supercollider server is being developed, there are already working 
linux ports of the synth server side (so i'm told) but not the 
language side..

>Jonathan Segel wrote:
>>  hi, i'm a recent linux user, coming from mac universe. i started by
>>  putting YDL on one of my old macs last summer, but now i'm gonna get
>>  serious.
>>  so my question is: what parts would you recommend for making a Linux box
>>  to run audio on? i realize this is a big field, but any clues are helpful.
>>  also, i'm probably going to use redhat, given that my ydl exprerience is
>>  based on redhat. any precautionary measures?
>>  thanks all
>Redhat is an ecellent choice esp if you get into the planet ccrma catalog.
>The question of hardware really depends on what your intentions are. I
>assume professional from your email footer.
>Multitracks cards are basically RME or maudio delta 1010. There are
>others choices but they don't get as much of a working so the drivers
>may not be as well designed as they could be.
>Will you be building a new PC or using your mac?

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