[linux-audio-user] MIDI recording, frustrated, set me straight

Mark Knecht markknecht at attbi.com
Sat May 24 09:25:59 EDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-05-24 at 02:38, James Cameron wrote:
> G'day from outback Australia,

> I see from the mailing list archives (Frustrated, small review on
> sequencers) that Rosegarden 4 might be an active project to try.

I think that RG might well be the best for this project. On paper it
will record and playback MIDI, as well as record audio. You'll then take
the audio and use cdrecord to burn an audio CD.
> Does this match what I need?  I've not used these sort of tools before,
> so I lack the right terminology.  I'm not convinced I know what people
> mean when they say "sequencer" or "tracker".

You want a sequencer. A tracker is a bit different in that it plays
prerecorded audio files at specific times.

Good luck,

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