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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat May 24 18:10:01 EDT 2003

derhammer at mailbox.nusurf.at hat gesagt: // derhammer at mailbox.nusurf.at wrote:

> i?m new here; i am into professionel recording and i want to build a 16-32
> track hdr system based on linux. hardware could be hdsp5296.
> the software is not needed for editing - only for streaming down to disk.
> is there a hdr-software that can do the job?
> very important is relyability. there mustn?t be a grafical interface.
> are the drivers for the hdsp5296 or other interfaces working stabile?

I would strongly recommend ecasound then. It's a command line
multitrack recorder, that runs very stable. I admit, that I never
recorded more than a handful (4) channels. But in the long run,
ecasound is wonderful. At work, we record several hours of radio shows
each day for later processing into audio-on-demand offerings for our
website. Ecasound run from a cronjob has proven to be a stable
workhorse for over 2 years now. Combined with the stability of Linux
itself (the box is "always on") this is a near perfect solution.

We don't own a HDSP, so I cannot speak for that.

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