[linux-audio-user] Hydrogen 0.8.0 released

Tim Orford tim at orford.org
Mon May 26 15:48:00 EDT 2003

> Rosegarden has some of the infrastructure for various sync 
> requirements, but none of it is complete or connected up yet.  Part 
> of the problem is that none of the developers is particularly 
> experienced in this area -- not even as a user.  It's funny how much 
> one can use music software without getting at all involved with 
> features that other users think are absolutely essential.

intriguing. So how would you use a drum machine for music
production without sync?

[and diverging somewhat from the original topic:]
seems to me that with the current development model for
Linux music production tools (ie v small teams working
on separate projects), the only hope of mainstream
usefullness is to concentrate on interopability.
Jack is a great example of this, but we need more,
possibly inventing a host environment which provides
common services. I'm not sure that it is possible or
desirable for Linux to compete with the big monolithic 
proprietory solutions such as Logic or Cubase. We
could aim higher. I wonder if there are other people
on the list who have views on this?

best regards
Tim Orford

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