[linux-audio-user] Announcing Gnomoradio

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Nov 1 03:30:42 EST 2003

iriXx hat gesagt: // iriXx wrote:

> Frank Barknecht wrote:
> >If one would only be allowed to distribute Linux, if one did pay Linus
> >Thorwalds for every copy, then Linux would not only fail to be "free"
> >as in beer, it also would not be free as in "libre". The distribution
> >must be allowed without any charges, as soon as I have the good.
> >That's a central point in all libre software.
> no it isnt!!!!!
> have you READ the GPL???? it specifically says that you may charge for 
> distribution.

Did I say ANYWHERE that it would not allow that? Did you see the
"only" I wrote above? And the "every copy" and the "distribution must
be allowed"?

Have YOU read MY words? Do you pay Linus Thorwalds for every one of
your kernel?  Would you be able to use Linux freely, if you had to?
No, you wouldn't and that is because the GPL does not put any
(monetary) restrictions on the distribution of the kernel. 

Yes, you may charge, but no, you're not obliged to. That's all I'm
telling here for days, so please stop putting words in my mouth I
didn't say. 

(sorry for getting impatient)

 Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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