[linux-audio-user] Using a Shure sm57 mic w/ low end soundcard

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 11:56:43 EST 2003


If you're serious about "professional" grade preamps,
Tape Op published an article describing preamps. It
included schematics and kits for assembly, just in
case you don't want to do all the work. These are
vacume tube solutions that cost about $400.00 US per
channel but are in the quality range of $1,000.00
devices produced by companies like Avalon.

Sorry, I don't recall the title of the article, or the
publishing date. Perhaps you can find it on their
website, www.tapeop.com. Incidentally, Tape Op is an
interesting publication for the DIY types. I mention
this because I've noticed there's a couple DIY'ers on
this list. :)


> schematics, eh?
> Depends what kind, but there's lots of stuff
> floating around...
> http://www.newmex.com/f10/taosamp.html
> http://www.jensen-transformers.com/apps_sc.html
> google for "mic preamp schematic" will give you lots
> more...
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