[linux-audio-user] [Fwd: two point six]

John Bleichert syborg at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 5 10:00:24 EST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Austin wrote:
> Okay, I know everyone has been itching for a really bad song, written in
> ten minutes, and recorded in less than twenty, about the new kernel, so
> here it is:
> http://groundstate.ca/twopointsix.ogg

hehe. Sheesh, it must have been freshly dipped that night...

Let me know if you need any guitar solos for your next geek composition.



> Of course this was done wholly with free software:
> Mandrake cooker
> kernel 2.6-test9 courtesy of Olivier Blin
> audacity 1.2.0pre3
> a crappy intel sound card
> an expensive condenser mic
> a roland Sound Canvas MIDI module and an Evolution controller
> Now if only I could get my Quattro working and learn to play keys a bit
> better, I would wet my pants...
> Austin
> --
>                                  Austin Acton
>         Synthetic Organic Chemist, Teaching Assistant, Ph.D. Candidate
>                Department of Chemistry, York University, Toronto
>         MandrakeLinux Volunteer Developer, homepage: www.groundstate.ca

// John Bleichert
// syborg at earthlink.net

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