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forwarded from the Pho list... this guy is offering free (as in beer ;) 
colocation, internationally, for anyone running not-for-profit / 
community / open source servers... all you need to do is fill in the 
form at http://www.communitycolo.net/ to request colocation..
they have a very interesting list of projects - Buddhist internet radio 
is one that i'm going to be checking out!... i think it could well be 
very useful for those of us needing hosting for software development 
projects etc.



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(( This post is mildly offtopic for Pho, but may be rather germane to some
of you on the East Coast. ))

I founded and run the California Community Colocation Project, a 501(c)(3)
non-profit. We provide free, donation-based Internet services to
individuals, non-profits, and Open Source projects. We've been operating for
two years now and currently have over 120 not-for-profit servers colocated
with us in Fremont, CA and Seattle, WA.

We're expanding to Washington, DC shortly to best serve the East Coast. So
we're looking for East Coasters who might be connected with organizations
that could make good use of our services out there. The faster we can
assemble a roster of qualified (non-commercial) clients, the faster we can
set it up and start serving the not-for-profit communities out there.

So please feel free to forward along this message as appropriate and have
people email me at david at weekly.org if they're interested.

  David Weekly
  Founder & Director
  California Community Colocation Project


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