[linux-audio-user] Zaurus users?

Jim Hines jhines at iolinc.net
Fri Nov 7 10:42:14 EST 2003

I have one too. Love it and use it all the time. Especially for ogg playback 
in my vehicle. One thing I would really love to do with it is connect it to 
my MIDI keyboards through its serial port. Does anyone know if this is 

> wow, well thats a hell of a lot more than i thought would run on it...
> pretty impressive for such a small device actually...
> any thoughts on the 5500 vs. the new one?...
> i like the look of the older one better... but writing might not be as
> easy...
> thanks!
> m~
> Jeremiah Benham wrote:
> > On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 12:04:25PM +0000, iriXx wrote:
> >>hi all...
> >>
> >>just wondering if there are any Zaurus users on the list - the older
> >>version not the new one...
> >
> > I have one.
> >
> >>i've seen one in action and i know its got good media player facilities
> >>- some kind of xmms i seem to recall?... but im curious as to what else
> >>will run on it...
> >
> > Yes I guess it can to xmms. It also runs OpieMedia player (in OpenZaurus
> > anyway) that is based on libxine. So it can also play divx movie files
> > and stuff also.
> > You can install csounds on it. But there are not to many programs for
> > creating multimedia on it. Don't experct to do any realtime stuff with
> > csounds on the zaurus. You can render it and then listen to it. Even as
> > root user my 5500 sounds real choppy when trying to play a sine wave a
> > 44.1k 16bit in real time with csounds.
> >
> > check out zaurus software index and decide for your self. (I mostly use
> > it for the calender features, address, todo, and checkbook apps):
> > http://www.killefiz.de/zaurus/
> >
> > Jeremiah
> >
> >>thinking about getting one as a replacement to the laptop i thoroughly
> >>destroyed yesterday. dropped it from a bench, shattered screen and
> >>damaged motherboard. i'll be lucky if i get the data back. compaq
> >>armada's are flimsy things - if it had been the Dell i used to have,
> >>chances are it might have been salvagable....
> >>
> >>thankx
> >>

Jim Hines
Redhat Linux 9
Athlon XP2100+
cd /pub; more beer

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