[linux-audio-user] Re: [linux-audio-announce] Marlin 0.2 (4 More Years, How Many Dead?)

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Tue Nov 11 02:58:04 EST 2003

Ho ho ho,

I just wanted to say I hate it when release announcements are soo dry and 
dreary you almost fall to tears reading them... People could atleast _try_ 
and add some humour to them! It's not like it's _that_ much harder...

...oh, wait... that was _my_ announcement... then it must have been you saying 

Ooooh, now I'm confused, I hate being confused...

/Robert :)

I just loved the road map, the future's so bright we gotta wear shades! 

Monday 10 November 2003 23.30 skrev iain:
> What is Marlin?
> Its a Sample Editor.
> It edits Samples.
> It uses GNOME and GTK+2
> It looks pretty
> What's changed? Ermmm
> * We do stuff with any metadata a file may have.
> * Should load and save markers in wavfiles if you have a recent   
>   enough GStreamer (HEAD branch)
> * More paste options, and more silly features like halving  
>   selections
> * Hmmm...
> * Oh, the CD ripp^wextractor should work again, and if you have
>   Musicbrainz installed it'll get details from there and use them
>   in naming samples.
> * Markers can be added and editted and used for minor editting jobs
> * In the file selector there's preview details of sound samples.
> * Errr...
> * Bound to be other stuff I've forgotten (Can you tell I'm putting
>   lots of thought into this announcement?)
> * Oh yeah...
> * It has a thumbnail of the whole sample in the overview bar now.
>   Soundforge doesn't even do that!
> What does it look like?
> http://marlin.sourceforge.net/marlin-track-marker.png is a good
> screenshot. There's others kicking around that site.
> Some are out of date.
> Where can I get it?
> Rumour has it you can download it here
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=53043
> You shouldn't always believe rumours though...
> Can I help?
> Please do, I have no real clue what I'm doing. In fact as David Devant
> and His Spirit Wife once sang "We're making it up as we go along,
> humming a half remembered song. When we woke up, we thought, whats the
> big deal...then we remembered, this is for real". Only the first line of
> that really was relevant, but I thought I'd do the whole thing. People
> to work on docs would be nice...translators too.
> Testers really welcome, and audio engineers can tell me what they want
> Marlin to do. I'd love to have feedback.
> What do I need?
> GNOME 2.4. It'll be moving to gnome2.6 base soon, but it'll still work
> on 2.4 for the time being.
> If you want track listings in the CD ripp^wextractor then you'll need
> Musicbrainz.
> GStreamer 0.7+ is required. HEAD CVS would be preferable cos then you'll
> get extra stuff, but 0.7.1 should be fine if thats all you have and
> can't be bothered fighting Sourceforge's anoncvs stuff.
> Is there a website?
> Yes.
> Where is it?
> http://marlin.sf.net
> Is there a roadmap so we can see where you're heading?
> Yes! I spent hours making one, cos all the cool projects have one, and
> we want to at least give the impression we're a cool project.
> http://marlin.sourceforge.net/road-trip2.png
> Any art commissioning, just ask me. I'm great at art. You're bound to be
> able to tell.
> As usual, all donations of
> a) Old guitar effects
> b) Fender Jaguar/Telecaster guitars
> c) Money
> d) Soundcards that work with ALSA and aren't limited to 48Khz 
>    (dumb Extigy)
> e) bugfixes and feature patches
> Will be greatfully received, although, and I'm getting realistic here,
> not really expected.
> Hasta La Vista Baybee!
> iain
> -- 
> "Things like Destiny's Child are just repressed sexuality. It happens
> with boys and men too. I feel embarrassed for them when I listen to
> Stereophonics or Coldplay. That's not music for men." -- Alec Empire
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