[linux-audio-user] ecasound and software midi controller

Alex Marandon al at alpage.org
Thu Nov 13 06:02:14 EST 2003


This my first post in this list so I introduce myself. I am non-native
english speaker, so forgive me if my english is not correct, I hope at
least it will be understandable ;) About my computer skills I'd say that
I'm an advanced beginner in Linux and *BSD systems, i'm very far to be
expert but I manage to deal with my own problems without much pain now.
I work as a Perl/Python programmer and I slowly learn C/C++. 

For a few days now I've started to explore the world of linux
audio-related software, so I'm a real newbie on this topic. I've played
a little bit with ecasound (i love its concept) and I wonder if there is
a way to control parameters of operators in realtime using software
midi-controllers. If yes, what software to use ? What configuration ? Is
it possible, and how to perform automation in order to replay what was
done manually ?  Any information about how to achive this goal is


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