[linux-audio-user] Re: 2.6.0 song theme... request.

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Thu Nov 13 16:18:55 EST 2003

> On Thursday 13 November 2003 01:05 pm, Mark Knecht wrote:
> > My cable modem ISP won't let me run a web server out of my house.
> I'm not suggesting that you use up your web browsing bandwidth by
> running a
> streaming audio server over your cable connection, but take a look at:
> http://www.no-ip.com/
> I have a low-traffic web server (about 2-3 files served per month ;)  )
> running on my cable connection.  It's a handy thing to have.
> |)
> |)enji

Thanks for the pointer. I suppose for your purposes you just use the free
service, or do you pay for one of the higher level services?

Also, I sort of thought these systems only worked for Windows servers. Does
their software strategy work with Linux and I suppose Apache also?


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