[linux-audio-user] Re: 2.6.0 song theme... request.

Michal Seta mis at creazone.32k.org
Thu Nov 13 23:31:46 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 09:54, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Austin wrote:
> >Strangely, all the negative feedback I've received has been from
> >Poland.  No idea why.  Is Poland known for it's classy, refined musical
> >tastes?
> >  
> >

ok, I'm Polish so I'll refrain from commenting... just in case :)

> Well, yes, it it. The country produced Chopin, Lutoslawski, and 
> Penderecki. Much as I enjoyed your song I have to say it pales beside 
> Chopin's polonaises and Penderecki's quartets... ;)  OTOH neither of 
> them wrote anything about Linux...

And neither of them will.  Chopin and Lutoslawski are dead.  I don't
think Penderecki cares.  Even less since he picked up conducting... 
There is also Gorecki, who reached stardom in the 90's with his
minimalist Symphony no.3 (composed some 10 years prior).  But I think
he's confined to instrumental writing and copying scores by hand.

However, there are some interesting things happening in the Polish
"underground".  I don't follow it too much but could dig up some links
if anyone's interested.

Otherwise, 99% of Poles dance (those who can, anyways) to Disco Polo
which definitely isn't a sign of classy and refined tastes.  I'm not so
proud of that side of things...

So, as pointed out above, from the Penderecki and friends perspective
it's pale (nice choice of words, btw :) ), from the disco polo
perspective it's probably too artsy.  Go figure.

> I listened to your "ditty" last night, it's great fun. Thanks for the 
> bold contribution ! :)

How about a LAU remix project?
Could be fun.

twopointsix revolutions :)

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