[linux-audio-user] stompboxes2 and audacity question

Felix Dijder loauc at hotpop.com
Fri Nov 14 11:05:31 EST 2003

Daniel James wrote:

>>Sorry. Guitar is already line level.
>Might there be a problem with input impedance though? A passive guitar 
>pickup isn't exactly the same kind of output as eg a CD player, is 
>I'd been told that DI into my mixer was no good for bass guitar, so I 
>rigged up an amp, speaker and large diagphram condenser mic instead. 
>Result - exactly the same sound, only more noise.
>Then I figured out it was my playing that made the bass sound so 
A bass can be connected with mismatched impedances and still sound good 
because the high freq loss due to mismatched impedances isn't clearly 
distinguishable. The same is not true for a guitar since loss in high 
frequencies is almost *always* very noticeable.

What I think is that James wants to connect his guitar and do live 
processing with stompboxes2. Have you tried with jackrack, gAlan or 
ecamegapedal? Just keep in mind that live processing isn't real time, it 
can approach it but, depending your soundcard and setup, can be truly 

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