[linux-audio-user] [RFC] Request For Contest - The Linux-2.6 theme song contest !

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Fri Nov 14 13:11:20 EST 2003

Hi Everybody,

This mail is a direct consequence of the song Austin Acton posted recently. :) 
A nice little tune made with linux, about linux, that has been quite 
successful with very little advertisement. 

After a few brain rotations (before you ask, yes, I think by rotating my 
brain) I came to the conclusion that RIGHT NOW is a wonderful time to start a 

My reasoning is that linux-2.6 is just around the corner, people are hungry 
for any kind of linux related information, no matter how far fetched (I don't 
even think this is very far fetched). Making a little contest to choose THE 
linux-2.6-theme-song seems like a very good way to attract some easy 
publicity, the main thing we want to do is make people interested in (and 
aware of) audio production under linux.
I'm confident that Slashdot (or any news site in the free software world for 
that matter) would gladly do a story on this event. BUT before we get to 
that, let's atleast produce some music ! :)

Some criteria I thought would be applicable:
- The song must be about linux in some way 
  (about linux 2.6 seems the obvious choice).
- The song must be (atleast) processed with a computer and 
  that computer must run linux.
- No computer running an operating system that is nonfree 
  can be used in the production. (External synthesizers or 
  similar stuff with advanced capabilties don't count as 
  computers and can thus be used)
- The song must be written by the artist 
  (possibly used with permission).
- The song would preferably contain some kind of voice track 
  ( it might be hard to hear that it's about linux otherwise, 
  and it would be nice to know how you people sound :-)
- the better the audio quality the better, though 
  I think there are other qualities of the recordings that count.
- Some info about the applications/gear used should be included
  (atleast applications).
- No prices, just free publicity for anybody that joins, 
  and most publicity for those that reach the top in the 
  event that we actually pull of a vote.
We already got one song, Austins! I'm in the middle of producing a naive 
electronic piece myself (I mainly play the guitar) that I think will be 
applicable also. But... two songs don't make a contest... So, what do you 
say? Are we up to it?

I'm calling all linux-artist wannabees, this is the time! I dare all 
developers that aren't on a deadline to take some time of from coding and 
also participate, bring out the artist in you! :)

Wouldn't you just die to hear "The ballad of Alan Cox", or "Linus' Theme" or 
"The Bitkeeper Blues" :) (those are free btw if anyone gets any bright 
ideas ;)

>From now til, say, December 14, one month, might be enough time to do 
something creative, yes?

Let me know if there is any interest for this then I will try to formalize 
things a bit, website etc.
Well don't just sit there, let's do it! :) 


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