[linux-audio-user] Multimedia kernel patches?

Paul Brossier piem-lists at altern.org
Sat Nov 15 16:54:01 EST 2003

I do the same with 2.6.0-test9 and apply only the capability patch. I still 
need a few things before rebooting to 2.6; IIRC something like this suffice :
$ apt-get install module-init-tools
$ mkdir /sys
add these lines somewhere high in your /etc/fstab (right after your /)
none    /dev/pts  devpts  gid=5,mode=620    0 0
none    /dev/shm  tmpfs   defaults          0 0
none    /sys      sysfs   defaults          0 0

On Friday 14 November 2003 17:02, Jack O'Quin wrote:
> felipe <filippo at email.it> writes:
> > What patches do you use to make a preemptible/lowlatency/capabilities
> > enabled kernel? Where do I find them? =)
> I run Debian and use their make-kpkg tools to build my kernels.  I use
> their `kernel-patch-lowlatency-2.4' patch package and just edit the
> two-line capabilities patch by hand.  This is described in the JACK
> FAQ at <http://jackit.sourceforge.net/docs/faq.php#a5>.

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