[linux-audio-user] Re: rezound and jackd

james kellam airbrush at freeshell.org
Sun Nov 16 13:43:20 EST 2003

Hello again,
 Just wanted to let everyone know, that I found a way to solve the problem - I
uninstalled rezound!. Seems such a shame as it was a nice lookin app, but I already have one app that doen't play nice with jackd, don't need two do I =).
 Oh, and I was having a problem with fftw. seems a person needs the old version (2.1.?) AND the new version (3.0.1), found this out by trial and error as googleand the archives weren't of any help.
So the batting average is thus:
9 audio applications installed or attempted. None work fully, 3 work soso.
 Funny thing is, in windows, I can take the apps that have been ported over to windows by those very same *nix developers and they work. So I'm wondering why they "finish" the job whenever they port to windows? Could it be that they know the windows people expect a certain standard? Maybe developers get lazy when designing for Linux? I don't know.
 The sadest thing is that I hate M$ and don't really care to use its OS, yet it looks like I'm still going to have to for some apps :(
 Lest you think it is my "unfamiliarity" with Linux. This is a lfs-4.0 system that I have made myself, it is connected to the net and 99% of it works just fine.

well, gtg, seems I've got to reinstall win2k on that box I took it off of :X

hehe, these apps still don't make any noise :D


airbrush at sdf.lonestar.org
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