[linux-audio-user] ecasound and software midi controller

Felix Dijder loauc at hotpop.com
Sun Nov 16 21:23:36 EST 2003

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:

>I'm interested in this, too. I haven't tried it, yet, but, i've read
>some of the docs, so I'll try to share what I've learned so far. 
>Hopefully someone who has done this will fill in the gaps ....
>has a section "Using controller sources with effects"
>Example #4 shows this:
>" ecasound -i file.wav -o /dev/dsp -ef3:1000,1.0,1.0 -kos:1,500,2000,1,0 \
>-kos:2,0.2,1.0,0.5,0 \
>-kx -km:1,0.1,1.5,2,1
>      Ok, let's get real whacky. Here a 1Hz sine oscillator is assigned
>to the cutoff frequency, while other controller is controlling
>resonance. Now we add a MIDI-controller, that controls the second sine
>oscillator. "
>The ecasound man page:
>has a section on MIDI setup and another on CONTROL ENVELOPE SETUP. Under
>the latter is this option:
>MIDI continuous controller (control change messages). Messages on the
>MIDI-channel 'channel' that are coming from controller number
>'controller' are used as the controller source. As recommended by the
>MIDI-specification, channel numbering goes from 1 to 16. Possible
>controller numbers are values from 0 to 127. The MIDI-device where bytes
>are read from can be specified using -Md option. Otherwise the default
>MIDI-device is used as specified in ~ecasound/ecasoundrc (see
>ecasoundrc(5)). Defaults to /dev/midi."
>To send CC messages to ecasound I think you could use alsa's virmidi
>driver. There is a quick toot covering using a sequencer to control a
>softsynth this way which might be applicable:
>then as far as a piece of software to do the actual controlling ...
>there's something called vkeyboard ... perhaps one of the sequencers apps
>like muse or rosegarden could be used? QMidiControl, xphat and others
>listed here: http://sound.condorow.net/midi.html, might be interesting.
>Though some of those links are broken ...
>So, the pieces are all there, I think. But, as I said, I haven't tried
>to put them together, yet. It looks like it is possible. But, anyway, I
>hope this helps.
>-Eric Rz.
>On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 12:02:14PM +0100, Alex Marandon wrote:
>>This my first post in this list so I introduce myself. I am non-native
>>english speaker, so forgive me if my english is not correct, I hope at
>>least it will be understandable ;) About my computer skills I'd say that
>>I'm an advanced beginner in Linux and *BSD systems, i'm very far to be
>>expert but I manage to deal with my own problems without much pain now.
>>I work as a Perl/Python programmer and I slowly learn C/C++. 
>>For a few days now I've started to explore the world of linux
>>audio-related software, so I'm a real newbie on this topic. I've played
>>a little bit with ecasound (i love its concept) and I wonder if there is
>>a way to control parameters of operators in realtime using software
>>midi-controllers. If yes, what software to use ? What configuration ? Is
>>it possible, and how to perform automation in order to replay what was
>>done manually ?  Any information about how to achive this goal is
Not sure if it will help but take a look at PD (Pure Data). As I see, 
you can control any parameter with anything.



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