[linux-audio-user] Silent Linux box article released

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Wed Nov 19 05:20:25 EST 2003

> I wonder why
> you did not develop the laptop idea further.  They usually start
> out much quieter than usual desktops.

Well, apart from the fact that laptops have relatively poor ergonomics 
and are difficult to repair and upgrade, they are an expensive 
solution if you don't need portability. Also, most of my audio 
hardware requires a PCI slot.

But the main reason was that I set out to build a completely silent 
machine, and because of the tightly packed electronics in a laptop a 
fan is typically required. These are usually very small fans 
producing a high pitched whine when the CPU is under load, which is 
exactly the kind of noise I was trying to avoid.


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