[linux-audio-user] via8233 multiple ports

Lean Fuglsang lean at omnia.dk
Wed Nov 19 13:54:56 EST 2003

On ons, 2003-11-19 at 13:29, Clemens Ladisch wrote:

> The CMI9739 has a mixer control to set "Line-In As Surround", so that
> channels 3 and 4 are output at the blue port.
> Clemens

Sounds good (no pun intended), but how do I then play on channel 3 and
Oh, and I don't even know if it is possible with the soundcard. But what
about coaxial digital output? There is something about S/PDIF in the
manual for the motherboard - but I don't know if it is a hoax...

Lean Fuglsang <lean at omnia.dk>
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