[linux-audio-user] Great news for JACK & KDE

Ivica Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Fri Nov 21 07:48:27 EST 2003

I am not necessarily interested in defending Artsd since I myself also
do not care much for it. What I can do is though explain that artsd
supposedly does a lot of other things that the KDE ppl seem interested
in. In other words, chances for us convincing them to switch strictly to
Jack are nil (tried before, as I'm sure some of you did as well, and
pretty much got nowhere). This way at least we get to have JACK as the
backbone of all servers and have KDE still with its architectural
solution intact.

I think it's great news, considering the alternatives.

Ivica Ico Bukvic, composer & multimedia sculptor

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> > Seems like Arts already has a JACK output plugin finished and ready
> > for the 3.3 KDE release!
> Doesn't that mean you'll have two sound servers running at once?
> Wouldn't it be better from an architectural point of view to make KDE
> sound applications JACK clients? I realise that KDE developers may
> have an emotional attachment to artsd, but in my experience I've
> always had to disable it to do any audio work.
> Anyone want to defend the use of artsd?
> Daniel

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