[linux-audio-user] In progress: *User* documentation in Spanish

Felix Dijder loauc at hotpop.com
Sat Nov 22 16:55:14 EST 2003

David Garcia wrote:

>I am currently working on a 'no-compilation, no-installation,
>no-programming' user manual for Alsa-Jack-Ladspa.
>I wanted to bring some friends of mine to Linux. They use Windows based
>music software, so i intended to do some introduction (in spanish) to the
>capababilities of Alsa-Jack-Ladspa(-Ladcca?) arquitecture for final users.
>Due to the initial intent I did it in Spanish. Now it seems language was a
>wrong choice. Most related documentation is full of programming and
>installation details and I think that it is a globally needed
>documentation. So i plan to do it more general and translate it but only
>after the structure would get some degree of stability.
>The current (Spanish) draft is located at:
>Most mature sections are 'General arquitecture', 'Sequencer' and 'Config
>files syntax'. Maybe, some alsa hacker who undestand Spanish (Jordi?
>Nando?) could review them. I have lot's of questions, since i had to
>figure out a lot of things from code or from proposals (which i don't know
>if they finally get implemented as explained). But I will ask those
>questions only to the developers lists. That's the correct audience by
>now, isn't it?
>David García Garzón
>(Work) dgarcia at iua dot upf anotherdot es
>(Home) vokimon at telefonica adot net
Hey, this is great. I would like to participate but I'm not a developer, 
however I'm starting to use ALSA and JACK and your overview has been of 
great help. Also my first language is spanish so I think I fit in your 
"intended audience". I think I can help asking questions from an user 


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