[linux-audio-user] Great news for JACK & KDE

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Mon Nov 24 10:27:11 EST 2003

> > Would something like KDE require
> > significant re-coding to use jackd?
> To use jackd nativly? Yes, it would require some pretty major changes, but
> thats one benefit of arts, it only has to be changed there.
> - Steve

   I apologize as I didn't read maybe the first 20 posts in this thread, but
I haven't seen any discussion of this in the last 15 I read this morning. If
this got covered really early on please excuse my going over old ground.

   Has anyone considered trying to write an arts device driver that instead
of talking to hardware talks to Jack? Why can't all of Alsa & Jack just look
like hardware to arts? Arts apps could then use arts, and then arts itself
got down to trying to send audio the arts 'driver' would just be talking to

   I am presuming that the 'ta da' issue would be easily addressed by
something like this. It was reported some time ago that Wine has Jack
support doing something like this I presume.

   I don't see why you couldn't run many sound servers doing something like
this, but I'm sure there's some simple reason. (Or not...)

   Sorry for butting in so late...

- Mark

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