[linux-audio-user] What HW do I need?

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Tue Nov 25 20:12:06 EST 2003

   I would appreciate some advices as to what HW do I need to do some 
simple recording.

   Here's what I would like to be able to do:

   tasks: record a guitar, possibly other instruments (not neccessarily 
at the same time), record old vinyl from turntable etc. [using linux PC]


   few audio channels (I can think of using 2 or 4 so I guess I should 
plan for about 8?)



   just stereo audio? or optical digital something? does it make sense 
to have many outputs?



   full duplex, I think built in midi wavetable synth is good enough for 
me, not sure about external mix (I've read recommendation to have one 
but I'm not sure why).

   I've read that Delta* cards are fairly good and well supported under 
linux - looks like delta 66 is what I want? What about Delta 1010-LT - 
same price, more in/out but no external box (=lower sound quality?).

   What about midi? I'd like to have midi in/out and wavetable synth 
(not sure if I really need synth). The sync-ing midi and audio is done 
by apps so I don't have to worry about cards working well together?

   I can read the specs but I'd really appreciate practical advices 
since I have almost no experience (well, I have few audio cards:-).



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