[linux-audio-user] Recommendatio wanted

Hartmut Z Noack symposion at onlinehome.de
Tue Nov 25 18:22:39 EST 2003

If SB-Live does not work sufficiently, why dont trying to use Terratecs
EWX24/96? The card does not have Hardware SF-Support but you can load
SFs into RAM (if you have enough...) and it works perfectly well for me.

AWE64 was a great card for its price back in the days, when ISA was the
default for Soundcards. That the support for these cards is fading is
only natural, since the great PCI-Cards, shipped nowadays are simply
much better and thus more interesting for developers also...

Conclusion: try Delta 66 or some similar Pro-Gear or try it with a
ICE-chipbased card like terratecs muse, whitch are verywell supported by
alsa and can play SF from RAM.

Am Mit, 2003-11-26 um 10.02 schrieb Joerg Anders:
> Hi all!
> I used to play MIDI with AWE-64 with 24 MB RAM extention.
> So I could use the SF2 soundfonts.
> Unfortunately, the AWE-64 requires an EISA slot.
> Could please enybody recommend a PCI successor of the
> AWE64 which allows loading of SF2 soundfonts.
> Please do not recommend Audigy! This is a lie! The
> Audigy ALSA driver accidentally  drops some
> tones.  This is a known bug, but
> apparently nobody is willing to fix this
> See.
> http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/doc-php/template.php?company=Creative+Labs&card=Soundblaster+Audigy+Platinum&chip=Audigy&module=emu10k1
> Furthermore it ignores reverbation and
> chorus instructions.
> Please do not recommend FluidSynth. To avoid
> misundersandings: Actually FluidSynth is a good
> software. But it produces wrog envelopes for
> strings and clarinets. The envelops are
> like xylophone (or so ...)
> I alreay mentioned this problem on this list.
> But without success.

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