[linux-audio-user] What HW do I need?

Greg Reddin gtreddin at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 09:54:20 EST 2003


I'm having good success with the Delta1010 LT.  I know the analog 
and SPDIF I/O works as does MIDI input.  I've not tested MIDI output
yet, but I suspect it works.  I've heard that not all of the LT
functions are supported by ALSA, but I have yet to find one that I

For what you're wanting to do the Delta 44 or 66 would work, but if
you can spend the extra money for a 1010 it would allow you to do
more in the future.

As to your external mixer question, I don't have one, but the 1010LT
has 2 mic preamps.  If you go with the 44, 66, or 1010, or want
better quality pres, you'll need a mixer or external preamp.  An
external mixer is not a requirement in the DAW world, but it can be
helpful for monitoring and such.  Personally, I'd use the money for a
better soundcard or some nice pres.


--- Erik Steffl <steffl at bigfoot.com> wrote:
>    I would appreciate some advices as to what HW do I need to do
> some 
> simple recording.
>    Here's what I would like to be able to do:
>    tasks: record a guitar, possibly other instruments (not
> neccessarily 
> at the same time), record old vinyl from turntable etc. [using
> linux PC]
>    in:
>    few audio channels (I can think of using 2 or 4 so I guess I
> should 
> plan for about 8?)
>    midi
>    out:
>    just stereo audio? or optical digital something? does it make
> sense 
> to have many outputs?
>    midi
>    other:
>    full duplex, I think built in midi wavetable synth is good
> enough for 
> me, not sure about external mix (I've read recommendation to have
> one 
> but I'm not sure why).
>    I've read that Delta* cards are fairly good and well supported
> under 
> linux - looks like delta 66 is what I want? What about Delta
> 1010-LT - 
> same price, more in/out but no external box (=lower sound
> quality?).
>    What about midi? I'd like to have midi in/out and wavetable
> synth 
> (not sure if I really need synth). The sync-ing midi and audio is
> done 
> by apps so I don't have to worry about cards working well together?
>    I can read the specs but I'd really appreciate practical advices
> since I have almost no experience (well, I have few audio cards:-).
>    TIA
> 	erik

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