[linux-audio-user] Announcing the ultra-mega-alpha release of Specimen

Peter Bessman ninjadroid at ml1.net
Wed Nov 26 19:26:40 EST 2003

Specimen is a midi controlled sampler, and it's very first public
release is available from http://www.gazuga.net/specimen.tar.gz

In all honesty, I advise against downloading this in it's current
state unless you intend to hack on it or play with it for sheer
amusement value only.  There are a few TODO items that must be taken
care of before this can be considered usable software (as the next
release will be).  The main reason for this release is because I said
I was going to make a release in a couple of weeks 15 days ago.
It's very nascent stuff.

You have been warned.


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