[linux-audio-user] Recommendatio wanted

Benjamin Flaming lau at solobanjo.com
Fri Nov 28 11:39:07 EST 2003

On Friday 28 November 2003 05:03 am, Joerg Anders wrote:
> Als already stated: I'd use TiMidity instead. But
> TiMidity loads the instruments not until they are really needed.
> That is: If the clarinet keeps silent for - say - 20 measures
> the clarinet waves are not loaded. In measure 20 TiMidity
> starts loading the clarinet. This requires processor time
> and leads to a short gap. (Also with my 2.4 GHz Intel)
> Perhaps anybody knows how to change this behaviour?

This would be an ugly workaround, but could you (using your example) force 
TiMidity to load the sound at the beginning by putting in a clarinet note 
with velocity 0?


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