[linux-audio-user] TiMidity++ and FluidSynth

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Fri Nov 28 16:42:46 EST 2003

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Dave Phillips wrote:
>> TiMidity can be configured to use soundfonts.
 >> Here's the contents of my ~/timidity.cfg file :

j.anders at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de wrote:
> I would use TiMidity++. The problem is: In contrast
 > to FluidSynth TiMidity loads the instruments not
 > until they are really needed.

At the end of this email I've included the Timidity Mailing List 
address. I am pretty sure Timidity will pre-load instruments but I don't 
remember how.

> And: Does anybody know how to recorord the FluidSynth
> aoutput into a WAV file ?

If you're referring to converting a midi file to WAV, Timidity does 
this. In fact (I beleive) that is one of it's purposes when it was 
developed. I have done it many times in the past. In fact, You can 
convert a whole directory of .mid to .wav.

If You configure everything right, Timidiy sounds _great_ and works well 
with MuSE. And that's good because MuSE allows sycronizing of (live) 
audio and midi. I'm going to download the newest version of MuSE. I'm 
not sure if it has added (recording) of live audio yet. But even with My 
old version of MuSE, I've been able to sycronize (live) audio with midi.

There's probly going to be some people on this list that will not like 
to hear this, but with the (above) combination, I was able to avoid all 
complexities of Jack. I eliminated some major steps to syncronizing midi 
and audio. For Me it's just a more stripped down way to get things done.

I've been away on a long vacation and this is My first day back, so I 
don't recall how to do any of the above (by memory). Here's the Timidity 
Mailing List...

(I don't remember if You have to "sign up" to post,
but here's the welcome message I received when I
Welcome to the Timidity and Eawpats mailing list.
Feel free to ask questions or reply to questions.
Please adderess all mail to the list as follows.
timidity at stardate.ca

Keep in mind that Timidity is also a Windows program. So there are (very 
minor) differences when a Windows Person is answering Your question.


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