[linux-audio-user] stretching sound

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Fri Nov 28 22:50:12 EST 2003

Hi all!
  I've been trying to stretch a soundfile. It is a piano track with mostly two
voices only. I did it with an fft plain phase vocoder. Now there are a lot of
parameters and I got some undesireable delay. In general the stretched sound
was good, but the delay is disturbing. So here's the question, how should I
set the following parameters to get the best result?
  fft-length (as high as possible?), windows per second, window length,
windowtype (hamming, triangular, kasier with several coeffecients).
  Any ideas or practical experience with that? - I'm NOT doing it in realtime,
so CPU-time is no problem. I've got time! :-)
  Thanbks for any help or good ideas!
  Kindest regards

Julien Patrick Claassen
jclaassen at gmx.de
julien at c-lab.de

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