[linux-audio-user] YMFPCI hardware midi/snd-mp401-uart Problem

BartonBosch at aol.com BartonBosch at aol.com
Tue Sep 2 01:21:01 EDT 2003

>The raw device is for externa synth, I believe.
>As far as a sequencer goes, it's far better to use a >softsynth than the legacy card synth. With a softsynth, you >will have far better sounds, see for example timidity and the >eawpats sound with your distro.
>When timidity is installed and launched (timidity -iA) you >will find it in this MusE box.

I wanted to use the wavetable synth, even if it was of lower sound quality, as a tool to listen to work in progress so as to reduce the load on the processor.  I have been having some problems with crackling noises which I assume are caused by MusE and or the softsynth overloading the processor when playing back a multitrack midi file.  

Today I did some experimenting with TiMidity as the softsynth for MusE --  I got it configured with timidity -iA in one terminal and muse -R in another.  Then in the midiport configuration it popped up with timidity port 0 for the first midi port.  Unfortunately this produced no sounds on testing.  I opened the track info number and tried to select a preset, but all that it had was "???" -- no patches to select from.

Is there another switch that needs to be thrown to load sounds into TiMidity?  Something else?

I am running the Planet CCRMA acpi kernel, RH 8.0, with TiMidity++  2.11.3-4.1, TiMidity midia instruments 2.11.3-4.1, and eawpats 12-1 installed.  



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