[linux-audio-user] Latency question

Greg Reddin gtreddin at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 3 11:19:01 EDT 2003

I would choose the Delta over the Audigy any day.  Like others have
said, the Creative cards are consumer cards and not really
well-suited for recording in general.  The M-Audio cards are created
with recording in mind and offer you more I/O, better converters,

As for Audacity, it's easy to use, but last time I checked (a long
time ago) you could only record one track at a time (maybe a stereo
track, I don't remember).  That may be a fine replacement for your
4-track if you only record one track at a time.  Also, last time I
checked, Audacity didn't support real-time effects - only effects
printed to the track.  Somebody correct me if this is no longer true.


--- millward <millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA> wrote:
> How bad is  2 ms latency?
> I'm trying to decide upon a sound card and
> I've noticed that the Creative Sound Blaster
> Audigy 2 has a 2 ms latency, but offers
> "hiss free" audio fidelity at 106 dB SNR.
> The Delta 410 has zero latency, but its $200 US.
> Now I'm an idiot at this high end sound card stuff,
> so I'm not sure what really matters. All I want to do
> is use Linux Audacity to record my own multi-track
> creations  and convert LP 33rpm records to CD.
> I'm sick of tape hiss!  After 4 tracks my analog
> tape machine is useless. So I bought this here
> computer to get away from that hiss and maybe
> record something I can listen to without grinding
> my teeth.
> Any adice would be most welcome!

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