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Emiliano Grilli emillo at libero.it
Thu Sep 4 17:17:01 EDT 2003

giovedì, 04 settembre 2003 alle 17:27:30, Robert Jonsson ha scritto:
> > * It was my first blender project
> > * After that I've never touched blender anymore
> > * It's ugly ;)
> Sure blender is ugly, but beauty is only skin deep (tm) 
> ;)

Ehm.. I mean that *my one and only project* it's ugly!!!
Sorry but my english is not so good and so sometimes I misunderstand or
abuse some terms, or I don't get at all the real sense of common
phrases like "beauty is only skin deep"[1]. 
I think blender is one of the shiniest examples of a very good interface,
and of the power of the community behind it: a real "symbol" of open source
software (with the literal "liberation" to GPL!!!)

> People have made some terrific things with it.

It's very powerful. But you are talking with a non-3d-graphic person. I've
made these images trying blender and then Steve Harris ask on the ml for
graphics (the thread was "why we need graphics designers" or something the
like), and so I sent these to him, but I am a real newbie in 3d, something
better in 2d or HTML ;)

> > http://emillo.net/download/work_metal.blend.gz
> Great
> /Robert

Tell me what do you think about the file (it's correct? I bet it's too
large for such a simple object...) I like (if I had the time) to contribute


PS: my english is self teached, and most of it came from lurking this ml.

[1] Or maybe you are joking me?
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