[linux-audio-user] question about cue sheet apps

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Fri Sep 5 08:43:00 EDT 2003


  While profiling FLAC I discovered that the format includes a metadata
format for including cue sheet data for use in CD mastering
applications. When I looked for a Linux-based cue sheet editor I found
only the very outdated CDB (CD Builder), which, true to its author's
advice, will not build under GTK 1.2 or 2.x. I thought perhaps JAM would
concern itself with cue sheet data but I think that's not its domain
(the FLAC docs note that the cue sheet data is intended for CD authoring

  Btw, I downloaded and tried running some Windows-based cue sheet
editors under WINE, with varying success, but none were completely
useful. Maybe I should update my WINE installation again, but I'd prefer
a Linux-based solution anyway.

  Sorry for the cross-post, I thought perhaps someone on LAD might be
developing such a creature (?). Do any users on LAU utilize a cue sheet
editor for any of their work ?

Best regards,

== dp

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