[linux-audio-user] fluidsynth: Sustain bug ?

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Fri Sep 5 17:09:00 EDT 2003

Hi Joerg!
  I can't help you much further. I only knew this little twist, because
someone else, told me to look there. What you did looked sometimes a bit fishy
to me. I mean:
  if (count <98) count = 1771;
  This seems to be a great difference in numbers. I'd really suggest something
  if (count <1771) count = 1771;
  or: if (count <98) count = 98;
  Have you checked your little hack with other instruments? What do they sound
like? Still ok?
  If you need more help, better ask Josh Green, Peter Hanappe or someone else
from the fluidsynth-team. If you are really interested in fluidsynth, I
suggest the fluidsynth mailinglist. Their mainsite is at:
  www.fluidsynth.org. There you'll see a link to the list.
  Kindest regards and good luck

Julien Patrick Claassen
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julien at c-lab.de

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