[linux-audio-user] Loops

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Fri Sep 5 17:49:01 EDT 2003

On Friday 05 September 2003 21:17, Andy Cragg wrote:
> When I use one of the above windows apps there is always a loop
> facility where a section/region/chunk of the track can be easily
> looped just by selecting it with the mouse and pressing play ... I've
> downloaded ardour, rosegarden, gnusound, audacity, and others and
> none of them have this instant loop facility

Rosegarden-4 has a pretty quick loop facility.  To set a loop in the 
main window, make sure the rulers are visible (Settings | Show Rulers) 
and then shift-click and drag the region you want to loop on the ruler 
at the top or bottom of the main canvas.  You can toggle this loop 
using the loop button on the transport window.

You can also select some notes in the matrix or notation editor and then 
use the "Set Loop To Selection" function on the Move menu.

You can't loop a segment just by selecting it though, no.  Wouldn't that 
interfere with editing during playback?  Or do you mean only if you 
select something before hitting Play?


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