[linux-audio-user] Steinberg USB MIDI 2 and red hat?

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Wed Sep 10 02:31:01 EDT 2003

Aaron Trumm wrote:
> Hi there.  Does anybody have a step by step on how to get a little 
> Steinberg USB MIDI 2 (2 ins 2 outs, little blueish box) running with red 
> hat 9?  I have installed the planet ccrma alsa stuff, along with the 
> audio stuff.  things are working to some degree (except I haven't been 
> able to record yet - but I'll wait to ask about that, when my real sound 
> card comes :) )
> I haven't got a clue, basically.  I'm pretty new.  When I wanted a midi 
> interface to work in Cakewalk for DOS (that's right, that's what I was 
> using last) I just downloaded the driver, and copied the driver into a 
> file called driver.something  -  this apparently is not quite that 
> simple?  (I have read the planet ccrma how to on usb interfaces - so far 
> nothing, and I was afraid the apt-get hotplug thing would flash firmware 
> onto my steinberg that wouldn't be right, considering the steinberg 
> isn't listed on their hardware list...

hotplug is so that your system can communicate with USB devices. If you 
already have a usb device that is working you don't need to install it.

You should try using hte usb-audio driver and report what you get with
	cat /proc/asound/devices
or	cat /proc/asound/cards

If it is standards complient it should work out of the box. If it needs 
firmware then Clemens Ladisch is your best bet. But he may be busy.


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