[linux-audio-user] Tracking down overruns

Rick Taylor ricktaylor at speakeasy.net
Sun Sep 14 03:40:00 EDT 2003

"Benji Flaming" <lau at solobanjo.com> wrote:
> I'm glad to meet you.  I've been playing with Pro Tools since 4.3.1, and my
> studio is running currently running MIX plus on an old beige G3/300 running
> MacOS 9.  I've often wanted to migrate over to Windows, but we'd lose all of
> our plug-ins.  Pro Tools is actually one of my biggest motives for moving to
> Linux - one gets tired of jumping through flaming hoops every time
> DigiDesign or Apple release new hardware or software.


 I spent some time earlier this evening looking at some of their cards.
 Figure at some time in your process you're going to have to deal with
 it anyway. {Their cables cost as much as my sound card.}

 I'm harboring this secret hope that Avid's going to port the SGI version
 of DV Xpress to linux {and that as a result linux's rep as a multimedia
 platform will improve by leaps and bounds.} someday soon. 

> I'm running Blackbox - we seem to be cousins.

 Maybe a dedicated video/audio editing workstation with a Blender/Combustion
 style interface done in SDL? It would be a great way to harness all of those
 command line audio programs.

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